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The following remark was made by the CEO of Chesapeake Energy, Mr. Aubrey McClendon, at the
Chesapeake Energy Corporation Institutional Investor and Analyst Meeting
Wednesday, October 13, 2010 8:00 a.m. CT

"I don't like to buy acreage for fair price, I like to go in and put a play together where we put our army of 5,000 landman to work, and we are buying it lease by lease for a very inefficient cost average to the rest of the industry to try and replicate and we make it a transaction where there is not a public market, it's us and the landowner and we're gonna most generally going to get the benefit of that side of the transaction, so think about again, every time we move we are buying acreage worth 5 to 10 times what we pay"

Aubrey McClendon
chief executive officer, chairman, and co-founder of Chesapeake Energy

I like quotes and one my favorites is Paul Newman's line as Jim Kane in Pocket Money, where he says to a shyster, "Boy, if somebody cheats me, I'm gonna hit 'em with a stilson wrench and shove 'em down a culvert."

Road To Eagle Ford Riches:History of Big Deals & Lease Flipping & Why Your Oil Window Acreage is worth $30,000 per acre & 27 1/2% royalty

 Learn Why Lease Bonuses Should Go to $100,000 per acre

Unconventional shale plays used to carry a higher development cost than traditional drilling but not so any longer. The Eagle Ford Shale has no exploration risk, it's in the oil and gas friendly State of Texas in the USA, and located onshore in a infrastructure rich area. Contrary to popular opinion, US shale plays are cheaper to drill and produce today than traditional oil and gas plays. Operators know with a 100% certainty what each Eagle Ford well can produce before they ever spud the well.



added 2/14/2011  maps courtesy of DrillingInfo, Energy Strategy Partners

What is Going On Around Gonzales and Eastward? Forest, ZaZa, Penn…

by csmith on March 11th, 2011

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added 1/13/2011

latest Forest Oil presentation
Copano & Kinder Morgan pipeline

added 1/10/2011

added 1/4/2011

The Sweet Spot of the overpressure oil window containing the most highly prized 35-45 degree WTI crude oil has been confirmed to exist along the corridor that runs parallel with the axis of the orange line on the map. This oil window corridor extends into Lavaca and Fayette County. The associated acreage contains the highest grade crude oil in the entire Eagle Ford trend and provides operators with the best economics. It is where the Eagle Ford formation has undergone the most favorable geologic conditions producing the highest grade crude oil there is in the entire trend. As you move South and West along the trend towards the Maverick Basin, the oil in place becomes heavier, eventually becoming uneconomic to produce in a large area near the Texas-Mexico border. 

  • Light crude oil is defined as having an API gravity higher than 31.1 °API. (less than 870 kg/m3)
  • Medium oil is defined as having an API gravity between 22.3 °API and 31.1 °API. (870 to 920 kg/m3)
  • Heavy oil is defined as having an API gravity below 22.3 °API. (920 to 1000 kg/m3)
  • Extra heavy oil is defined with API gravity below 10.0 °API. (greater than 1000 kg/m3)
For detailed information about the recently added 20 mile Sweet Spot extension to the north & east of the T R Marshall Unit at Cheapside, go to EOG Resources presentation by chief geologist Loren Leiker at the Johnson Rice Energy Conference on Oct. 5, 2010

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a very interesting Eagle Ford article with the following two maps are from

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added December 12, 2010
Chesapeake Energy acquired an additional 23,180 Eagle Ford acres this week from Antares Energy for $200 million amounting to $8,628 per net acre. Acreage is in McMullen County next to EOG acreage in in the less productive Western Province of the Eagle Ford. It might be dry gas.

map added 12/08/2010
 The Eastern Province "Goldilocks" zone contains overpressure 45 degree API light sweet crude oil and gushers are coming in all along the DeWitt - Gonzales County line. In this area EOG announced they are drilling 4,000' laterals in both the upper and lower Eagle Ford in clusters and this looks like the model EOG will be pursuing in developing this area.

Current RRC Field Rules for Eagle Ford District 2, DeWitt County

Energy Transfer Partners pipelines map addeded 11/17/2010

Pioneer map added 11/15/2010
This map is perhaps more accurate in defining the oil window, NGL window, and dry gas window

EOG drilling locations 11/11/2010

Added 11/11/2010
This Talisman Energy map seems to move the oil to NGL window a little farther to the South, you think?

Added 11/07/2010

 Added 11/02/2010

RSEG maps added on 11/01/2010

RSEG maps

new RSEG map

                                                           new RSEG map
new  RSEG Map

                                 Map from The Energy Information Administration

Texas Railroad Commission map of
Wells Permitted and Completed as of 10/06/2010

the latest maps added to this collection come to us from

geology of the Eagle Ford

geology of the Eagle Ford

 The Pearsall Shale is another huge natural gas shale that will be developed below the Eagle Ford

                                                      Posted on 10/12/2010

thickness map enlarged

     Eagle Ford trend continues up through Washington County though less productive lower EUR


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