Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DeWitt and Gonzales County Eagle Ford Shale Oil Window Big Picture

The big picture is being revealed so clearly in DeWitt and Gonzales Counties that a blind person can the operators are playing out their hand..  Drilling activity, pipeline, and processing infrastructure build out is concentrating along the thick part of the Eagle Ford Shale acreage that runs along both sides of the DeWitt/Gonzales County line. Due to the highly commercial and better economics of this area, it appears that all the operators are collaborating in the early development of the Eagle Ford in this super prime location. Most of the acreage along the trend in DeWitt and Gonzales Counties is 250' to 300' thick, allowing for a more thorough matrix to be completed as a result of upper and lower horizontal wells. Where the shale is thick enough to drill two or more horizontals in layer, it effectively has a multiplier effect on the Estimated Ultimate Recovery of WTI crude oil from those wells. The maps and graphics presented below are from the operators investor presentations and the RRC.

The thickest part of the shale is concentrated along the DeWitt and Gonzales County line.

Even in the 140' thickness 1,000 boe per day of WTI curde oil
Contour along the DeWitt/Gonzales Co. line showing extremely productive 1,000+ boe per day wells
The green line from Cheapside is near the DeWitt and Gonzales County line and is the existing pipeline infrastructure and route of the new Enterprise trunk line.
The purple zone hugging the DeWitt and Gonzales Co. line is by far the most productive volatile oil window holding WTI crude oil.
DeWitt/Gonazles/Lavaca Co. enlarged map showing approximate oil to wet gas transition zone


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. What happened to all the bragging about "upper" and "lower" Eagle Ford and how that thick shale would multiply the recovery factor? EOG and Magnum Hunter had a lot to say about it last year and now they don't talk about it.

  3. Can anyone tell me where Nordheim falls in all of this?

  4. This blog has been a crystal ball letting everyone know what was going to happen around here. Look at the date this was put on the web, this article was written last September, and accurately foretold the future for Eagle Ford development in the DeWitt area. Wow! Talk about having vision, this blog has it.

  5. we have mineral rights near weesatche tx on the golaid co and dewitt county line are we in the play area

  6. Was this really posted last September?

  7. what does it look like for the Belmont Area of Gonzales County?