Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guadalupe River Land For Sale

Unforeseen and unexpected interest and options have arisen which have caused a delay in the offering of tracts for sale. I hope to have these issues resolved relatively soon. I apologize for the delay in offering tracts for sale. Tracts should be identified and priced as soon as possible barring any prior sale.

      Parcels of the 70.15 acre tract of land fronting on both US 183 and the Guadalupe River will soon be offered for sale. Check back here for details about property offerings very soon.

This map is the official FEMA flood plain designation. Most of the subject property coming up for sale is outside of the 100 year flood plain.

Live Water Property on the Guadalupe River with a buildable home site is extremely rare to find in South Texas. This property has both home and recreational uses for boating, swimming, fishing, and scenic enjoyment. Owning a live water tract is the ultimate status symbol.
                                                      USGS topographic map

                                                          FEMA map

USGS topographic map
The FEMA and USGS topo maps clearly show the vast majority of land in the Steen Plain is either in the floodway or the flood plain. There quite simply is precious little land in the area that is not subject to severe flooding.