Monday, August 16, 2010

New Pipelines To Carry Eagle Ford Oil and Gas

The Eagle Ford is the sixth largest oil discovery in the history of the USA. The infrastructure necessary to carry all this new nat gas, gas liquids, and oil, is being built-out now. As the pipeline and processing infrastructure comes online we will see increased drilling activity in the area.

Enterprise Products Partners has several new construction projects currently underway expanding its natural gas and natural gas liquids infrastructure in the area. The growing production volumes from the Eagle Ford Shale play will require substantial new pipelines to accomodate this growing oil and gas production.

When this needed infrastrcture is in place we will see a marked increase in drilling activity along with higher lease signing bonuses and royalty rates. There are no dry holes in the Eagle Ford. Landowners who are patient and do their due diligence in regards to their location in the trend should benefit handsomely.

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  1. Drive about 5 miles north of Gonzales on the road to Harwood. On the county road to the railroad there is a huge pipe yard with thousands of big pipe stacked. I think it is for Enterprise line. It is worth the drive to go look if you live in the area.