Friday, August 27, 2010

GeoSouthern DeWitt Properties LLC Get $125.0 Million Loan

CLG Energy Finance announced financing of $28.5 million for GeoSouthern DeWitt Properties LLC. Proceeds will be used by GeoSouthern primarily to fund capital expenditure requirements in the Eagle Ford Shale alongside its working interest partner, Petrohawk Energy. The facility may also be increased up to $125.0 million upon request by GeoSouthern and subject to lender approval.

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  1. This is chump change, just a drop in the bucket as to the amount of money it's going to take to develop Eagleford. When all the newcomers get here, the locals can raise prices, raise rents, charge more at restaurant's, and there will be a lot more people financially able to pay their traffic fines. The new jail can be paid off sooner with the influx of new people.