Monday, August 8, 2011

The Smoking Gun: Talking Points for Selling Oil and Gas Lease Rights -


  1. This is a fake document; as much as we all want the oil companies to meet their obligations, and as much as we appreciate all of your efforts, you shouldn't post such patently stupid documents. This does not help the cause, and only serves to muddy the water when what we need is clarity and good information.

  2. This document has been widely circulated and reported on. Scores of major newspapers have written and reported stories about it. Whether it is a fake or not has yet to be determined. My responsibility to landowner's and reader's alike is to report the facts and the news. Unlike the local newspaper's who never report information or stories like this, I do. Local newspaper's also don't report the huge windfall profits that oil companies have reaped from selling some of their lease acreage for over $25,000 per acre for a mere 65% working interest. Local newspaper's don't report anything that might be perceived as negative, nor anything that is not flattering to the oil companies. Newspaper's are supposed to be watch dogs, guardians of the truth, but here in South Texas they are lap dogs for the oil companies.