Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eagle Ford Pipeline Projects In High Gear


  1. What you see from the road ain't nothing. Fly over the area, that is the only way to grasp what is going on. This is one heck of a invasion going on right now. The land is scarred as far as the eye can see.

  2. The build out is just beginning. What you are seeing is merely the tip of the iceberg. More, more, more, and really more, is coming down the road. Eagle Ford has just began. It is going to be quite a show. Everybody, especially landowners are going to make a lot of money. Of course the operators want to make sure they get all they can. That works until it don't work, and it don't work any longer. Landowners have wised up and aren't signing bad leases for little money and a hollow promise a well will be drilled on their property and they will get mailbox checks from here until eternity. The hucksters are finding it hard to put the shine on landowners today.

  3. The land will be changed in ways nobody can imagine or foresee. It won't be rural any longer, it will be a battle scarred landscape littered with gravel covered patches of land with wells and tanks, pipelines and the stench of petroleum like Luling. Those of us not getting checks will suffer the negative consequences of oil companies who are hell-bent for leather in their exploitation of the land to extract oil.